The Marches are considered to be her chosen lands, but with regard to her origins various hypotheses have been put forward. The most accredited is the one that would like its appearance in the Marche following the settlement in the region of some Venetian settlers, called to repopulate it following a terrible plague epidemic. This hypothesis is supported by recent genetic studies that would reveal a very close relationship between the Verdicchio and the Trebbiano di Soave and the Trebbiano di Lugana, known Venetian vines.

The history of Verdicchio has its roots in very ancient times but, although it was already known among the ancient Romans, the first evidence of a wine made from its grapes dates back to 410 A.D. when, towards the height of the crisis of the Roman Empire, our peninsula was crossed by hordes of barbarians. It seems that Alaric, king of the Visigoths, directed towards Rome with the aim of looting it, had first passed by the castles of Jesi to stock barrels of the ancestor of today's Verdicchio because nothing, according to him, gave to his men "sanitade et bellico vigor".

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